As a passionate climber, my life often hangs on a rope. A rope that must be replaced regularly, otherwise safety is not guaranteed. This fact of disposal has preoccupied me and I wanted to give the rope a second life.

The variety of colors and different patterns of the ropes are so decorative that I saw them in my mind's eye as a fashion accessory. But which one?

Some time passed from the idea to the final product. I wanted to use the whole rope and design something that at first glance you can tell that it was a rope! I did not want to change the raw material, but leave it in its original state.

As so often happens, an idea is born by chance. Lacking a belt, I looped an old piece of rope through my jeans tabs and fixed it with a figure eight knot. Et voilà... this "emergency solution" inspired me to create Alpengürtel.

Until the idea of the special buckle was born, some time passed again. A round rope does not go through a conventional buckle. So first I had to design a system that could handle the rope diameter. After countless prototypes, I finally had my special buckle in my hands.

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