Shoulder strap

Trendy shoulder straps for bags!

Our ropes and buckles can be more than “just” belts. Ropes in size "M" and your favorite buckle can also be used ingeniously and conveniently as trendy carrying straps for all kinds of bags. Try it!

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We use used ropes that are too old for climbing. It may happen that the ropes show signs of wear and color variations. They are still colorful and will definitely bring a touch of adventure to your waist!

Each rope is named after a climbing route in Switzerland. We don't know whether it was actually used on exactly this route in its first life, but we can imagine it very well!

Since we are always getting new "old" ropes, there is a constantly changing range of patterns and colors. So it's worth checking out regularly!

Attention: The ropes may no longer be used for climbing!